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Achieve acoustic comfort with absorption, blocking and noise cover
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Flexible and configurable space

Opening up new opportunities for the flexible and configurable use of space with our range of UK-manufactured moving walls and sliding panel systems.

Acoustic comfort

Products designed to enhance acoustic comfort by absorbing, blocking and covering sound. Reducing distractions, increasing privacy and improving wellness.

Privacy and focus

Expertly crafted modular acoustic rooms designed to compliment flexible workspaces.

Servicing & Maintenance

For any type of moving wall system, regardless of brand or manufacturer.

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Sound masking is the inclusion of generated sound into an environment to mask unwanted sound (noise). Sound masking is not a form of active noise control (noise cancellation technique); however, it can reduce or eliminate the perception of sound.

Float inspiration…

Float Agile Sliding Panels are as versatile as they are stunning. Gliding into place, on demand, anywhere there’s track. This article is a display of some our favourite installations. Enjoy and be inspired by Float...

When a sound wave hits a smooth flat surface it will bounce off that surface at the same angle at which it reached it. For example, a sound wave hitting a glass panel at 45 degrees will bounce off it at 45 degrees. But when a sound wave hits an uneven or irregular surface it will reflect off each part of that surface at the angle in which it hit therefore dispersing the waves in multiple angles, evenly disseminating (or diffusing) the sound through the given space.

Introducing: Outpost

Outpost is a revolution in interior space design that builds on the success of our hugely popular Float agile sliding panel systems!

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