About Us

Enabling re-configurable and acoustically effective workspace

Creatif are a UK manufacturer of tailored moving walls, sliding panels and innovative acoustic solutions…

…that enable re-configurable and acoustically-comfortable workspaces that work for the user.

Static walls and inflexible spaces are a constraint to worker effectiveness. Truly open-plan workspaces don’t support productivity. Our sliding panels and moving walls solve all this.

When a space is opened, closed and re-configured, the acoustic dynamic in the space changes. Noise transfer and reverberation are common workspace problems. Our acoustic solutions address these problems.

Considering current agile and hybrid working models, the workforce needs choice, control, privacy, collaboration, and comfort. And business owners want space efficiency.

This is all made possible with our configurable walls and acoustic solutions. Open and close space, integrate useful surfaces, and deal with noise and echo too, enhancing the workers’ experience in the workspace and increasing their wellness and productivity.

At Creatif, we exist to support designers and workspace experts bring these concepts together to create workspaces that work.

Opening up new opportunities for the flexible use of space.

Products that shape acoustically comfortable workspaces

"Absolutely spot on this morning your engineer, great attitude and workmanship."
Contracts Manager
"Your sales and project team are polite and understanding."
Workspace Designer
"It was a pleasure to have you on board the team. The Creatif team were excellent, from initial planning stages through to completion."
Project Manager