Longcross Court

Mellow polyester acoustic ceiling rafts and static panels to enhance acoustics and divide open plan space.

UKTV, London

A space made flexible using Float, along with acoustic solutions to address noise issues in the open plan.

Savills, Manchester

Horizontally-suspended acoustic ceiling baffles created using eco-friendly Whisper polyester.

AQA, Milton Keynes

A space division solution designed to promote collaborative working created with Float and Whisper, with added ReSound acoustic panels.

HSF, Canary Wharf

A bespoke moving wall system featuring Solo panels designed to pivot open and closed when needed.

Frontier, London

A space division solution that incorporated collaborative working created using Float and Whisper.

BJSS, Leeds

Bespoke pivoting panels created by adapting our Solo moving wall system, in addition to a selection of ReSound acoustic ceiling rafts.