CNG, Harrogate

Gliding Skim panels and Cubes used to create a flexible break area with bold graphics.

The UK’s largest shipper of natural gas, CNG, pride themselves on “powering up” their customers. The Harrogate-based company – who are the sponsors of Harrogate FC – have experienced continuous growth since their 1994 inception.

After deciding to reward their hard-working staff, Absolute CI were approached by CNG to energise their employee break-out area, with the need to accommodate for both open-plan space to maximize employee engagement as well as more private, quiet spaces for staff to relax.

Having worked together successfully on many occasions in the past, Absolute CI approached space-division experts Creatif to help deliver the brief. Four of our innovative 4-person Cube booths provide several secluded pods where staff can escape the open-plan when required.

Skim, our elegant sliding panel system also features on this project, separating the open-plan cafeteria environment from the quiet space
whilst displaying stunning graphics reflecting CNG’s brand.

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