iManage, London

ReSound panels used to achieve acoustic comfort in an open plan workspace.

iManage transforms how professionals work. The multinational company helps service firms improve productivity and collaboration through a range of integrated platforms and management tools. In 2019, they opted to renovate their UK office and tasked workplace design experts Maris to come up with a brand-new vision for their two-floor space in Shoreditch.

This space, however, had its problems. The office itself had the potential to be an acoustic nightmare due to the unique ‘open-sided’ floorplate of the upper level which allowed sound to transfer easily between the two floors.

This posed a problem not only for concentration within the open plan office, but for privacy as well. This issue was compounded by the abundance of harsh and reflective surfaces Without treatment, iManage’s workforce would have suffered from distraction due to stray and unwanted noise.

Aware of this, a thorough acoustic survey of the space was conducted by an independent third party. Armed with this data, Maris approached us to translate the report into real-world results.

We proposed the use of ReSound, our Class A-rated material, and designed a scheme that delivered on the acoustician’s recommendations.

We achieved this by installing a series of 40mm thick ReSound baffles above key acoustic pinch points, such as the canteen and breakout space, to trap sound at source.

Alongside this, we also hung rectangular rafts over the main desking areas and within enclosed meeting rooms to stop sound from transferring and guard against reverberation.

These were all fabric-wrapped in a mixture of blue, yellow and grey materials to match the office’s primary colour scheme.

After solving the problem of poor acoustics within the space, Maris then asked for our help in zoning the open plan office.

The designers had included some open grid shelving into the scheme to break up the workspace; this was an obvious job for Constructif – our modular space dividing system. Working off the original plans, we manufactured three distinct Constructif shelving units.

These came complete with acoustic infills and a wooden base unit for extra storage, and were placed between social areas and fixed desking zones to further define the open plan environment.

All work was delivered on-time and to the agreed budget. Best of all, by utilising two of our pioneering workspace solutions, Maris was able to benefit from combined costing and installation efficiencies.

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