IncuBus Ventures, London

Constructif display units with added storage space.

An open plan office is a great tool to easily maximise the available floor space and boost collaboration. But it also poses a few problems…

How, for instance, can you segregate the office to provide a mix of private and communal spaces without the presence of fixed – or even moving – partition walls? Constructif answers that question. The modular, space dividing system allows users and designers alike to create different zones for living, working, collaborating and relaxing. In the multi-functional workplace of today, it’s the system every office needs to thrive.

With that in mind, Oktra approached us to provide a bespoke unit for start-up supporter, IncuBus Ventures.

Working with the London-based design firm, we developed a custom-built, freestanding Constructif arrangement that would fit at home in IncuBus’ industrial-style space.

After showcasing different variations to Oktra’s furniture team and allowing them to customise it, a final design was agreed upon, and off it went into production. Manufactured on-site at Creatif HQ in Leeds, the system was delivered to site in London and installed in a matter of weeks.

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