loveholidays, London

Space division and display units created using Constructif.

loveholidays’ passion is travel and inspiring others to explore what the world has to offer. The agency, the fastest-growing of its kind in the UK, has gone from strength to strength in recent years and needed its office to reflect this transition.

Making use of and maximising the available space was a priority for the office’s refurbishment. This led to Thirdway Interiors and the furniture experts at Tribe to ask for our help in dividing the primarily open plan working zone.

Defining key areas within an open plan office is a crucial aspect of making these spaces work. Tribe effectively achieved this through the use of static planters, and by including multiple Constructif units into the design plan.

These units were placed at strategic points around the office to help create clearly defined zones and pathways. Each freestanding arrangement was painted black, to customer specification, and featured yellow Whisper back panels to provide an additional acoustic benefit.

They came with black shelving too, to provide loveholiday’s staff a place to store trinkets and (of course!) snapshots of their favourite holiday destinations.

The end result was an open plan, yet defined office space, made possible thanks to Constructif.

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