PG Group, Bristol

Class A open plan acoustics with Cube booths and ReSound panels.

After purchasing the well-known premises at Number One Bristol, The PG Group appointed Interaction to deliver overhaul the existing 5,628 sq ft site and create a new, modern workplace for the company’s staff. Interaction delivered, designing a contemporary space that encourages agile working through the clever use of open planning and zoning.

Though while open plan workspaces are great for promoting collaborative and flexible working, they often present many challenges when it comes to acoustics. To counter this, Creatif was approached to supply and install a number of ReSound acoustic ceiling rafts to help soak up unwanted sound within the space.

These were placed strategically in key areas across the office (such as above breakout spaces and the main telesales area), stopping sound travelling at source and aiding both concentration and communication.

As well as providing the Class A-rated ReSound rafts, we also manufactured and installed a four-person Cube to further aid and encourage collaborative working. Kitted out with internal acoustic panels, the Cube provides a welcome retreat from the open plan surroundings for those wanting to either work in small groups or simply find a private space.

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