Slim, Acoustic Glass Moving Walls

For transparency and quality, nothing matches Clarity from Creatif Wall. Precision engineered components work together as an integral whole to create room dividers that are as subtle as they are robust.

With Clarity you can create an infinite variety of configurations including curved track runs and even curved glass. Bespoke stacking configurations enable panels to stack totally out of sight when in the open position – a feature ideal for high-end retail environments.

Unique product features include smooth curved end caps for enhanced aesthetics, a foot-operated floor-bolt system, and an optional acoustic upgrade by applying rubber gaskets to vertical glass edges.

Clarity Gallery

Clarity Projects

A minimalist, slim Clarity moving wall installation.

Creating a curved glass moving wall with Clarity.

Technical Info

Config A: Twin-point, H-park

Config B: Twin-point, Offset Stack

Config C: Twin-point, Linear Stack

Config D: Twin-point, H-park Split

Config E: Twin-point, Split Offset Track

Servicing & Maintenance

For any type of moving wall system, regardless of brand or manufacturer.