Slim, Acoustic Glass Moving Walls

Truly unique. So much so that there isn’t an equal in the UK. With mechanical seals that do not require manual-winding, Domino will configure rooms in minutes.

And being able to achieve up to 35dB when double-glazed, with the option of composite laminate panels instead of glass, Domino creates aesthetic benefit and appeal in all kinds of spaces.

Domino can also incorporate full-height pass-door panels that comprise of slim profiles and frames making the door inconspicuous and unobtrusive. These pass-doors are able to slide and stack away with the basic panels too. And if a junction is required, again, ultra-slim junction points can be incorporated onto a panel to ensure the desired configuration is achieved.

Domino Gallery

Domino Projects

A Domino system which provides flexible space, featuring sheer glazed panels.

Reconfigurable space made possible with Domino and Solo.

Domino and Solo used to create a top-class flexible workspace.

Transparency meets flexibility with our Domino system.

Bringing in the light with Domino.

Flexible space, acoustic comfort and transparency all-in-one with Domino.

Optimum acoustics and transparency with Domino.

Helping shape a perfect workspace using a Domino glass moving wall system.

Technical Info

Config A: Single-point, Centre-stack

Config C: Twin-point, Offset Stack

Config D: Twin-point, Linear Stack

Config E: Twin-point, H-park Split

Config F: Twin-point, Split Offset Track

Config B: Twin-point, H-park

Servicing & Maintenance

For any type of moving wall system, regardless of brand or manufacturer.