Freestanding ReConfigurable Rooms

Outpost – the world’s first freestanding room with all-flexible sides – represents a significant shift in interior space design, providing an agile and flexible solution for the evolving needs of modern workspaces.

Unlike traditional fixed wall offices, Outpost allows for the creation of dynamic and productive third-space environments within open spaces that can be easily reconfigured and relocated as needed, with no reliance on the building structure.

The system employs lightweight aluminum columns and beams to support our renowned Float agile sliding panels, facilitating seamless interaction between adjoining spaces through a ‘Daisy-Chain’ feature.

With a wide range of customisation options, from colours to materials, Outpost can align with any corporate identity or decor. It’s not just a workspace solution but a strategic tool for enhancing productivity, efficiency, and ensuring a return on investment for the end-user.

Outpost Gallery

Frame Structure Colour Options

Select your frame colour…

Lancaster Oak
H3368 – Egger

H3090 – Egger

Mainau Birch
H1733 – Egger

Premium White
W1000 – Egger

U999 – Egger

Grey Nebraska Oak
H3332 – Egger

Light Sorano Oak
H1334 – Egger

Grey Nebraska Oak
H3332 – Egger

Light Grey
U708 – Egger

Platinum White
W980 – Egger

Verona Cherry
H1615 – Egger

Porcelain White
W1200 – Egger

Bavaria Beech
0381 – Kronospan

0375 – Kronospan

Bavarian Beech
H1511 – Egger

Light Atelier
4298 – Kronospan

0190 – Kronospan

Lugano Oak
0687 – Kronospan

Ceiling Baffle Colour Options

Choose your colour…




*Rose Fleck




*Orange Fleck


*Green Fleck


*Yellow Fleck

*Pink Fleck




Float Panel Type Options

Select your Float panels (for bespoke panel options, contact Creatif)…

Servicing & Maintenance

For any type of moving wall system, regardless of brand or manufacturer.