Acoustic Operable Moving Walls

Solo is the ultimate in terms of acoustic integrity, achieving the very highest possible sound ratings.

Both our Twin Point and Single Point systems glide along a recessed or surface mounted ceiling track, leaving the floor free of any track or obstruction.

Complex track layouts can be specified for unlimited room configuration options, and an almost unlimited plethora of finishes provides endless design opportunities. Available in manual and semi-auto electrically operated versions.

Solo Gallery

Solo Projects

A Solo acoustic moving wall system with a panoramic view of the city.

A pair of Perspective folding glass wall systems and a four-panel Solo system combined to offer multiple space layouts.

Reconfigurable space delivered in the form of two Solo moving wall systems.

A trio of Solo acoustic moving wall systems installed to allow for space reconfiguration.

Perspective sliding folding glass wall systems, and Solo acoustic moving walls used to create reconfigurable space within a stunning interior.

Flexible meeting space made possible thanks to Solo acoustic moving walls.

Letting light in, keeping sound out with Insight and Solo semi automatic acoustic moving walls.

Space division made effortless thanks to Solo Semi-Automatic acoustic moving walls.

Reconfigurable space in the open plan with Solo acoustic moving walls.

Reconfigurable space made possible with Domino and Solo.

Meeting rooms made dividable with our Solo moving walls.

A bespoke moving wall system featuring Solo panels designed to pivot open and closed when needed.

Bespoke pivoting panels created by adapting our Solo moving wall system.

3 flexible space solutions for 1 workspace using Float, Linera & Solo.

Solo acoustic moving walls featuring a selection of glazed vision panels.

Solo acoustic moving walls in a brilliant white finish.

Solo acoustic moving wall with interchangeable, high definition graphics.

Solo moving walls with a unique faux-grass finish.

Solo moving walls with a functional drywipe finish.

Using Insight and Solo to provide maximum acoustic integrity and transfer of light.

A bespoke Solo moving wall for a truly one-of-a-kind presentation space.

Domino and Solo used to create a top-class flexible workspace.

A semi-automatic Solo moving wall for provides the ultimate in acoustic comfort and ease of operation.

An agile Solo moving wall for an agile workspace.

Impactful graphics for a functional Solo acoustic moving wall.

Solo acoustic moving walls with rocking graphics.

Solo moving walls with impactful, interchangeable graphics.

Solo moving walls used to create the perfect performance stage.

Providing flexible space for a leading UK charity with our Solo moving walls.

A modern Solo wall for a modern workspace.

Solo moving walls featuring the iconic "three stripes".

A variety of flexible space solutions for a leading educational campus.

Solo moving walls used for flexible space.

Resourcing the right flexibility Solo moving walls.

Space flexibility made simple with our Solo moving wall system.


Technical Info

Panel Stacking Options

Config A: Single-point

Config B: Twin-point, H-park

Config C: Twin-point, Offset Stack

Config D: Twin-point, Linear Stack

Config E: Twin-point, H-park Split

Config F: Twin-point, Split Offset Track

Servicing & Maintenance

For any type of moving wall system, regardless of brand or manufacturer.