Bringing in the light with Domino.

Colourful, Class A acoustic treatment.

Demonstrating the versatility of ReSound acoustic ceiling treatments.

ReSound acoustic ceiling baffles implemented to improve the sound quality of a meeting room.

A modern Solo wall for a modern workspace.

Creating an agile, welcoming and peaceful workspace with Float and Skim.

Providing flexible space for a leading UK charity with our Solo moving walls.

Creating a timeless classic with Whisper polyester and Insight glass moving walls.

Using ReSound acoustic panels to reduce noise distraction within a populated, open plan environment.

Circular ReSound acoustic ceiling rafts with an assortment of stunning pendant lighting.

Solo moving walls featuring the iconic "three stripes".

A variety of acoustic and flexible space solutions created using Float and Whisper.

A stunning arrangement of ReSound acoustic panels incorporating lighting.

Setting the standard for acoustic excellence with Class A ReSound ceiling baffles.

Suspended screens made from Whisper acoustic polyester.

Colourful acoustics in the form of ReSound acoustic ceiling rafts.

A selection of ReSound acoustic panels used to create a clean, linear design.

Solo moving walls with a unique faux-grass finish.

Coworking in action, featuring our Float agile moving panel system.

Optimum acoustics and transparency with Domino.

A sheer glass, top-hung acoustic glass moving wall in the form of our Clarity system.

Solo acoustic moving walls featuring a selection of glazed vision panels.

Solo acoustic moving wall with interchangeable, high definition graphics.

Creating space flexibility with lightweight Float Whisper panels.

Flexible space, acoustic comfort and transparency all-in-one with Domino.

Solo moving walls with a functional drywipe finish, with acoustic ReSound panels to minimise noise distraction.

Helping to shape a complete workspace, implementing a variety of our market-leading solutions.

Creating an acoustically comfortable and flexible workspace with ReSound and Float.

Impactful graphics for a functional Solo acoustic moving wall.

Solo moving walls used for flexible space.

Using Whisper polyester to create three different acoustic solutions.

ReSound acoustic panels designed to look like real timber.

Impactful triangular ReSound ceiling rafts.

Effective acoustic ceiling treatment using ReSound Baffles and Rafts.

ReSound panels used to achieve acoustic comfort in an open plan workspace.

A brightly-coloured selection of Float moving panels.

ReSound acoustic panels to the rescue!

Using Insight and Solo to provide maximum acoustic integrity and transfer of light.

A variety of flexible space solutions, including Domino, Float and Solo.

Creating a functional, flexible workspace with Float, Whisper and ReSound.

A truly unique 360-degree Skim panel system.

Whisper acoustic ceiling baffles used to help create an exceptional educational space.

Resourcing the right flexibility and acoustics.

ReSound used to create a dramatic acoustic ceiling.

Creating a functional, flexible workspace with Float, Whisper and ReSound.

A minimalist, slim Clarity moving wall installation.

Custom acoustic ceiling rafts created using our Whisper acoustic polyester.

Transparency meets flexibility with our Domino system.

Creating Flexible Space with Float.

Space flexibility made simple with our Solo moving wall system.

A bespoke Solo moving wall for a truly one-of-a-kind presentation space.

Large ReSound acoustic ceiling rafts on a large scale.

Gliding Skim panels with a stunning array of impactful graphics.

Domino and Solo used to create a top-class flexible workspace.

Fabric wrapped ReSound acoustic panels, recessed into wall & ceiling.

Acoustics infused with lighting created using Whisper

A bespoke moving wall system featuring Solo panels designed to pivot open and closed when needed.

Creating a curved glass moving wall with Clarity.

Utilising our versatile Whisper material as an attractive acoustic wall covering

Acoustic ceiling grid made from Whisper polyester in addition to a selection of ReSound acoustic rafts.

Bespoke pivoting panels created by adapting our Solo moving wall system, in addition to a selection of ReSound acoustic ceiling rafts.

Organics cork tiles used to help provide acoustic comfort in the open plan.

Using ReSound acoustic ceiling rafts to achieve acoustic calm within an open plan work zone.

Visually impactful ReSound acoustic ceiling baffles

ReSound acoustic wall panels that are on-brand.

Acoustic solutions across multiple floors

A space division solution that incorporated collaborative working created using Float and Whisper.

Solo moving walls with impactful, interchangeable graphics.

A minimalist Skim gliding panel system for an agile space.

A truly flexible Float project

An agile Solo moving wall for an agile workspace.

Acoustic comfort & flexible space for the regional HQ of a long-time partner

Helping shape a perfect workspace using a variety of our moving wall and acoustic solutions.

Suspended ceiling grid made from Whisper acoustic polyester.

Solo moving walls and ReSound acoustic ceiling rafts used to create the perfect performance stage.

Design and installation of striking coloured ReSound acoustic panels.

Our Linera straight sliding door system with interchangeable, washable graphics.

Going on a Mini adventure with Float Whisper panels.

Solo acoustic moving walls with rocking graphics.

Solo acoustic moving walls in a brilliant white finish.

Functional, flexible Float panels.

Acoustic improvements without visual compromise thanks to Whisper Baffles.

Cool, clean ReSound acoustic ceiling rafts.

Circular ReSound acoustic ceiling rafts, both super effective and attractive.

Effective acoustics & flexible space using Float & Whisper

Simple and effective acoustic comfort using ReSound ceiling rafts

A semi-automatic Solo moving wall for provides the ultimate in acoustic comfort and ease of operation.

3 flexible space solutions for 1 workspace using Float, Linera & Solo

Flexible space with maximum transparency with our Insight system.

A space division solution designed to promote collaborative working created with Float and Whisper, with added ReSound acoustic panels.

Flexible office space featuring ReSound acoustic panels and suspended Whisper screens.

Creating acoustic calm with Solo acoustic moving walls and ReSound acoustic panels and rafts.

Providing visually stunning acoustic comfort for a luxury workspace using Whisper.

A visually striking arrangement of natural Organics acoustic cork tiles.

Shaping acoustic workspace with ReSound acoustic ceiling rafts and Whisper acoustic polyester panels.

Using Float agile panels and Whisper acoustic polyester to create a flexible, functional space.

Creating visually bold statements with 3D Acoustic Tiles and Organics Cork Tiles

Gliding Skim panels used to create a flexible break area with bold graphics.

Aesthetics meets acoustics with crisp, white ReSound acoustic ceiling baffles.

Providing flexible space for a leading UK charity with our Solo moving walls.

A multi-award winning project featuring our straight sliding system, Linera.

Class A open plan acoustics thanks to ReSound panels.

Flexible space and acoustic solutions for a leading UK brand, including Float, Skim and Whisper.

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