Software Dev. Team, Wilmslow

Multi-functional Constructif units.

Creatif were approached by The Furniture Practice and Smith Bros. Design to provide a multi-functional space division solution for their client. Our modular grid system, Constructif, was ideal to meet this brief.

Four bespoke units were created to act as a barrier between several open-plan working areas, without the need for fixed partitions or walls. In addition to helping create zones within this workspace, the units also offer a range of other practical uses…

Lockable storage boxes were incorporated into the design – handy for staff to keep their personal items safe. Mounted monitors and whiteboard panels have also been seamlessly integrated to encourage collaborative working.

Finally, the inclusion of our Whisper acoustic polyester material helps to address any sound-related issues caused by excessive reverberation within the space – helping to break up sound as it travels through the air.

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