Acoustic Ceiling Rafts

ReSound Acoustic Ceiling Rafts are horizontally-suspended panels designed to achieve the highest acoustic performance without sacrificing on style. The rafts are designed to absorb sound and enables to achieve the optimum level of acoustic comfort, prevent echo and reverberation and ensures enhanced speech intelligibility.

The rafts can be used in many types of applications such as offices, schools, hospitals, restaurants, retail and leisure.

The ReSound not only allows one to achieve excellent acoustic results but also superb visual characteristics to enhance the dynamics and appearance of any room. Our ReSound acoustic rafts are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, including custom shapes. The 25mm thick panels are fabricated in a range of fabric colours giving it a flawless finish. The fabric is bonded to the face and wrapped around all edges.

Alternatively our rafts can be covered with your own unique high resolution images for a personal touch.

Max Size: 2,700mm



Light dirt marks may be removed by using appropriate carpet spot cleaner. A small area should be tested before doing the rest of the area to ensure that the fabric is not adversely affected.


Our ReSound panels weigh in at 3.5kg/m2 for the 25mm thickness panels.


ReSound core board has been tested and offers Class O fire rating to BS476: Part 6. Fabric facing complies with Class 1 to BS476: Part 7. Class O fabrics can be supplied on request.



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