Modular Grid System

Constructif creates zones for living, working, collaborating and relaxing. In today’s multifunctional and everchanging workplace, fixed walls are a constraint and partitions are quite literally barriers to collaboration.

Choose from our standard range of sizes, or go totally bespoke to create your own display units and work zones using Constructif, with the assurance that all components are fully recyclable.

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Display Units

Constructif is ideal for creating specific areas within the open plan workspace which can be reconfigured as an alternative to putting up fixed walls and

Storage boxes, lockers, magnetic white boards and acoustic panels are just a few of the accessories and finish options that enhance Constructif’s functional nature, aiding collaborative and agile working. To help with social distancing, Constructif can also be used to create defined areas and boundaries to help keep staff safe.

Work Stations

Constructif Work Stations are truly functional, aesthetically pleasing and efficient for many uses and applications. The addition of High Stools completes the unit.

Available in any RAL colour, and with the ability to incorporate Whisper acoustic panels, biophilia and decorative accessories, Work Stations can be

tailored to suit the environment and use for which they have been designed.

Mobile & Static Stools

Constructif stools can be created at appropriate sizes to compliment our range of units and create flexible working zones.

Soft seating elements with a variety of fabrics are available, allowing for unlimited design possibilities when coupled with the RAL colour of your choice. For additional flexibility and ease of use, castors can be added with locking mechanisms.

Spine Seating

Constructif Spine Seat modules are a combination of soft booth seating and Constructif display units coming together to form something unique and special.

The Constructif spine shelf module enables the user to dress the unit in a way that’s in keeping with the space.

And with the ability to powder-coat the steelframe grid in any RAL colour, zones can be defined and tailored.

Collaboration Zones

Functional collaboration zones are an essential component to any open plan working environment, especially when promoting agile working.

Using a combination of soft seating and display units, Constructif is a fantastic solution for creating open-top collaboration areas at a size to suit your space and requirements.


Sometimes functional collaboration zones need that little bit more privacy, which is no problem when designing with Constructif. The sturdy construction allows for building enclosed third space within an interior environment.

Stools, tables, shelving and canopies can be combined with a variety of functional surfaces such as magnetic whiteboards and chalk boards, acoustic panels
or pinnable surfaces.

With capacity for optional power and data modules, lighting and monitor integration, creating your perfect retreat from the open plan workspace has never been easier.

Mobile & Static Lounge Seating

Bespoke Constructif units allow for unlimited options when creating lounge
seating areas that truly maximise your space, creating functional spaces to sit, work and rest.

Combine Stools, sliding soft seats and then
apply wheels and we have a truly flexible and reconfigurable solution that can move about as the workspace needs evolve.

Stadia Tiered

Seating Tiered seating arrangements are great for presentations, team meetings, collaborative working and much more.

Constructif’s lightweight, modular design allows for functional, flexible arrangements available in an unrivalled number of finish options – making it the ideal tiered seating solution.

Safely join units of different sizes together to create unique arrangements to fit your space.

Mobile Planters

Flexibility is a key requirement within today’s workspace environments, making our Mobile Planters a perfect solution for incorporating biophilic design into a project.

Workspace users can enjoy the benefits of biophilia where they need it when they need it simply by manoeuvering a Mobile Planter to wherever its needed.

Incorporating display functionality and a wide range of biophilic options, Mobile Planters guarantee to provide aesthetically pleasing space division.

Mobile & Static Media Units

Thanks to the wide range of finish options available, Constructif is an ideal solution for creating both static TV and media units, and now also mobile units – ideal for flexible display and presentation purposes.

Reception Tables

Regardless of the amount of space available, Constructif is perfect for creating reception tables with high visual impact.


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