Speirs Gumley, Glasgow

Providing visually stunning acoustic comfort for a luxury workspace using Cube, Float and Whisper.

When Speirs Gumley decided to move its 70-strong workforce across Glasgow and into the Red Tree Magenta business suite, Creatif was asked to help deliver a collaborative and engaging workspace.

One of the biggest barriers to a productive working environment is the room’s acoustics and with that in mind, Louise Bramhill Interiors approached us to provide some solutions – namely a third space and some custom-cut panelling.

For the third space, our Cubes were the perfect choice and are “constantly booked out” for use by the Speirs Gumley team.

Looking at them, it’s easy to see why the Cubes are so popular. The two four-person Cubes we provided feature Class A acoustic panelling to and provide staff with a fixed space for meetings or private, individual work, well away from the buzz of the open office. To further guard against noise transfer, we also supplied two sets of screens, made from our polyester acoustic material, Whisper.

These were custom-cut with Speirs Gumley’s branding and installed on a mixture of twin-point tracks and ceiling-suspended Gripple wires. After the move, Speirs Gumley,’s owner, Lorraine MacDonald, said: “Everything is helping us work more smoothly and efficiently [and] the modern environment here at Red Tree Magenta will provide the perfect backdrop as we evolve and grow.”

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