Creatif Attends: Surface Design Show 2020

As you would expect, this year’s Surface Design Show 2020 was a tactile heaven. Bustling but not overly packed, the Business Design Centre was brimming with multi-coloured stone, coarse textures, and sustainable materials. It was a sensory sensation.

Creatif Attends: Experimenting with Workspace

“How do people choose space” asked Brainybirdz co-Founder Dr Kerstin Sailer. Talking to a small group located within the Herman Miller National Design Centre, Kerstin and fellow co-Founder Ros Pomeroy wanted to use the audience as a live experiment regarding how individuals select their workspace.

Creatif Attends: Stockholm Design Week

Last week, Chris and Ben flew out to Sweden to visit the annual Stockholm Furniture Fair and check out the latest trends, innovations and see where the industry is heading in the next few years.

Creatif Talks; ‘How to Make Work Work for Humans’ with Lorna Leeson

Lorna Leeson believes that work needs to be more human. It’s been over two centuries since the Industrial Revolution changed how we, as humans, work. Yet many of our standard practices remain rooted in the 1800s and haven’t adapted as the world around us has evolved. As a consequence, the office doesn’t exactly allow us to display our individuality. In many cases, it inadvertently hampers our human-ness.