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Flexispace Explained

Ultimately flexible workspaces are a very effective cost cutting strategy. Only renting as much space and equipment as needed, when needed, and managing that space for maximum efficiency, means money isn’t being wasted on unused or under-utilised space.
Of course, one of the keys to making flexible workspace work flexibly is having the right type of flexible equipment. Something like our Outpost modular system, with its completely customisable functionality, works perfectly in this type of space. Indeed, it’s been designed with workplace flexibility in mind and will help you create the perfect flexible workspace for your needs.

When To Use Soundmasking​

Sound masking is the inclusion of generated sound into an environment to mask unwanted sound (noise).

Sound masking is not a form of active noise control (noise cancellation technique); however, it can reduce or eliminate the perception of sound.

Float inspiration…

Float Agile Sliding Panels are as versatile as they are stunning. Gliding into place, on demand, anywhere there’s track. This article is a display of some our favourite installations. Enjoy and be inspired by Float…

I need a Class A absorber – what are my options?

Often times a designer knows they need some acoustic absorption product – and their first stop is to call out the Class A absorbency rating; not necessarily knowing what it means but understanding enough to know its the highest acoustic absorbency rating possible.

Moving Wall Servicing & Maintenance FAQs

In addition to manufacturing and installing a wide range of flexible space solutions in the form of moving walls and operable partitions, here at Creatif our expert team provide a number of aftercare solutions to ensure all of our systems remain in full working order.

Is Hybrid Working the Future of the Workplace?

The last twelve months have seen a dramatic change in the way we work and the workplaces we use. As businesses have been adapting to navigating the Coronavirus pandemic, they have been forced to adopt unconventional workplaces and remote working styles.