TalkTalk, Manchester

Flexible space and acoustic solutions for a leading UK brand, including Float, Skim and Whisper.

Being one of the UK’s largest phone, broadband and TV providers, TalkTalk is a brand that needs no introduction.

Agreeing to take 106,000 sq ft of the landmark MediaCityUK development Soapworks on a 15-year lease makes it one of the largest tenancy deals in Greater Manchester for speculative office space and, not to mention, one of the UK’s biggest developments outside of London.

TalkTalk’s impressive new offices were destined to become the primary working base for over 1,300 employees and tasked with creating a creative space that would meet the needs of TalkTalk’s growing workforce was Claremont, who reached out to us for help…

An increased number of staff working in close proximity would mean noise and potentially lots of it. With that noise would come reverberation and to counter that, there was a need to install effective products that would control reverb and acoustic levels within the space.

Working with Claremont, Creatif implemented a number of acoustic solutions to address the issue of excessive reverberation and noise pollution in the form of our semi-rigid acoustic panels – Whisper – in both the vast open-plan call-handling floors and also within several meeting spaces.

The ground floor of the new office contains a large open plan cafeteria, which became home to several of our gliding Skim panels. Finished with a printed fabric, these panels displayed imagery depicting some of Manchester’s most famous landmarks.

But aside from helping to divide space in a busy, communal area, the Skim panels also helped absorb sound in an area that was full of hard, reflective surfaces. A flexible use of space was a common occurance throughout TalkTalk’s brief and Claremont helped realise that in several locations, especially in the tele-confrencing and meeting areas that were located on each floor.

Float, our agile moving panels, was chosen as it would allow TalkTalk’s staff to quickly configure closed-off collaberation spaces. Available with a myriad of finishes, we provided a mixture of chalkboard and drywipe panels to help further enable and promote agile working with the Soapworks.

Finally, Creatif was tasked with seperating two meeting rooms with an acoustic-rated operable wall. Being user-friendly to use. it effectivley splits one large space into two smaller spaces quickly and easily. And with it meeting acoustic standards, it is able to address any potential issue of noise transfer between the two separated rooms when they are in use.

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