Webinar Highlights Video: Cork Webinar

This webinar discussed the process of harvesting cork from trees, what makes cork such a sustainable material and the manufacturing process involved in making our Organics Acoustic Cork Tiles.

Webinar Highlights Video: Workspace Acoustic Design

Offices and working areas should sound as good as they look. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. This presentation is a perfect opportunity for you to learn and understand the basics of acoustic design.

Creatif Talks; How to Create an Engaging Workspace

Play is a universal term, yet as adults we rarely play in the same way children do. Sudhir Saseedharan, Global Design Lead at LEGO Workspace, disrupted the status quo by saying “Children are our role models. Be curious and try to see the world through a child’s eyes”.

This might seem like a strange view to have when it comes to designing a 54,000 square metre campus in Billund, Denmark, but everything about the building has been approached using the Lego Way of Working (LWOW).

Creatif Talks; How to Make Work Work for Humans

Lorna Leeson believes that work needs to be more human. It’s been over two centuries since the Industrial Revolution changed how we, as humans, work. Yet many of our standard practices remain rooted in the 1800s and haven’t adapted as the world around us has evolved.
As a consequence, the office doesn’t exactly allow us to display our individuality. In many cases, it inadvertently hampers our human-ness.

Creatif Talks; Moss Workshop

After the success of our last Creatif Talk, we invited Richard Russell back down to our London showroom to host one of Innerspace’s popular moss making events. But with Christmas around the corner, we decided to put a little festive twist on this hands-on workshop.

Richard began the evening by delivering a quick presentation, touching upon the benefits of biophilia in the workplace and going through some of the natural materials that attendees would be getting their hands on.

Creatif Talks; Materials for Design

Richard Russell is one of the most familiar faces in the interiors sector. After making his name in the world of fabrics and textiles, he went on to found Innerspace Cheshire in 2006 and has spearheaded and championed the use of natural materials in office design.

 After working with Richard on a series of projects and developing our moving moss panels with him, we invited him to come down to 79 Clerkenwell Road to host a Creatif Talk on the importance of sustainability of design schemes, and the various applications of moss, timber and bark in the workspace.

Creatif Talks; Lessons from Fitwel & WELL Building

As a WELL Building Standard Accredited professional and Fitwel Ambassador, Georgia Elliott-Smith is known for her unwavering commitment to improving environmental best practices and design.

After popping down to our London showroom to take part in our Creatif Conversation series, we invited Georgia back to deliver a Creatif Talk on workplace wellness and the Fitwel and WELL Building standards.

Creatif Talks; Biophilia, Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few years, you cannot have escaped the wellness design trend that has been reverberating around the world: Biophilia.

Modern interiors across all sectors – from retail to education, office to healthcare – are beginning to prominently feature biophilic elements. Not just because we like to look at plants and natural elements, but because a true biophilic space provides a tangible link to the outside world, reduces stress, aids recuperation and boosts productivity, cognitive function and creativity.

CDW 2019; Highlights

For its tenth birthday, Clerkenwell Design Week put on its biggest party yet. And we were no different as we turned 79 Clerkenwell Road into the Workspace Wellness Hub.

This one-stop shop for designers, architects and workplace professionals offered people the chance to see (and hear) first-hand how our innovative approach to flexible space and acoustics aid employee engagement and wellbeing, and help shape the perfect workspace.

Constructif; Modular Space Divider System

Constructif creates zones for living, working, collaborating and relaxing. In today’s multi-functional and ever-changing workplace, fixed walls are a constraint and partitions are quite literally barriers to collaboration. Constructif changes all that.

Freestanding or suspended mobile modular frames can be configured – and reconfigured – by the users of the space to create zones to suit their needs.

Acoustics in the Cube

Cube pods provide a welcoming retreat from the buzz of the open-plan workspace. They use Creatif’s ultra-effective acoustic panels to soak up unwanted background noise and to keep conversations inside the Cube whisper-quiet.

Find out more about how acoustics work in our Cube booths.

Float; Agile Moving Panels

Lightweight, sturdy and strong, Float panels are as versatile as they are stunning.

Float is your perfect agile working buddy – a mobile panel system that glides into place in moments, on demand, anywhere you want it.

Skim; Gliding Panels

Skim panels are unlimited in the ways the can be used. They perform to perfection as a lightweight room divider, as a decorative (and functional) screen to create sub-divisions in open-plan space. They can be manufactured to unlimited widths and up to 3m high without a join in the fabric. A run can compromise of as many panels as required – no limits there! And, as the images show, Skim panels can be curved to suit a radius.

Skim panels can also incorporate solid panel faces such as drywipe boards, magnetic boards, laminate boards, veneer boards, decorative acrylics and polycarbonates… The list goes on and Creatif are able to consider all needs.

How Tempo Works

Tempo was inspired by the spare and linear architecture of mid-century greats including Richard Neutra and Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe.

Tempo works particularly well when used to create strong horizontal and vertical lines in conjunction with planes of glass, concrete and other brutalist materials.

The construction of Tempo Class A sound absorbent panels is tailored to mitigate sound reflection and to dramatically reduce unacceptable reverberation times.

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